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Saturday 26th September - All harmonica types

NEIL WARREN  - Transcribing harmonica solos [VIDEO] [PRESENTATION]

Saturday 19th September - Diatonic

JOAN PAU CUMELLAS - Bluegrass and Country [VIDEO] [BACKING TRACKS: JambalayaBacking track in G #1; Backing track in G #2; Backing track in G #3 (honky tonk); Backing track in G #4; Backing track in E]


Saturday 12th September - Tremolo/Diatonic

DONALD BLACK - Scottish Celtic Harmonica [VIDEO]

Saturday 5th September - Chromatic

TONY JUKES - Slow... The Magical Sound of the Chromatic Harmonica  -  Part 2 [VIDEO] [PRESENTATION]


Saturday 29th August - Diatonic/chromatic

DAVIDE SPERANZA - Circular breathing & Mississippi bagpipe (using two or more harmonicas for creating drone notes or chords) [VIDEO]

Saturday 15th August - Tremolo

SIMON JOY - An introduction to 3:2 hornpipes [VIDEO]

Saturday 8th August - Chromatic

SAM SPRANGER - Building a classical repertoire, and approaching jazz standards. Advice for beginner/intermediate chromatic players and advanced diatonic players for those that can play diatonic chromatically. Workshop notes   Sheet music: BluesetteLe CygneSatin Doll[VIDEO]

Saturday 1st August - Diatonic/Blues

ADAM PRITCHARD (intermediate/advanced) - Getting started with 3rd Position Blues [PRESENTATION] [BACKING TRACK] [VIDEO]

Friday 31st to Sunday 2nd August

Chromatic weekend [VIDEOS]

Saturday 18th July - Diatonic/Blues

RICHARD TAYLOR (all abilities) Playing holes 7-10 with confidence [PRESENTATION] [VIDEO]

JASON RICCI (Playing solo, with and without singing, Q&A) [VIDEO #1] [VIDEO #2]

Saturday 11th July - Chromatic

JOFF WATKINS (all abilities) Playing blues in the key of G and improvising [PRESENTATION] [VIDEO #1] [VIDEO #2]

Saturday 4th July - Diatonic/jazz (The Summertime Session)

SAM WILKINSON - Getting to know the basics of Summertime in third position, and ideas for variations [VIDEO] [PRESENTATION]

MARCIN DYJAK - Improvisation techniques, scales, and patterns for Summertime [PRESENTATION] [BACKING TRACK]

Saturday 27th June - Diatonic/Blues

IAN BOYLE - Melodic playing... dressing up your tunes [VIDEO]

RICHARD GJEMS - Bridging traditional and contemporary blues techniques [VIDEO #1] [VIDEO #2]

Saturday 20th June - Chromatic/diatonic

SAM SPRANGER - Scale exercises for beginners, and tips and tricks for diatonic players crossing over to the chromatic [VIDEO]

ADAM GLASSER - Introduction to Improvising on Chord Changes 

Saturday 13th June - Blues/diatonic

PAUL GILLINGS - Introduction to bending [VIDEO]

WILL WILDE - Demonstration of different diatonic harmonica tunings [VIDEO]

Saturday 6th June - Chromatic harmonica

NEIL WARREN - Diving deeper into Blues Chromatic: learning some more licks and looking at a couple of classic Blues Chromatic solos [VIDEO] [PRESENTATION]

TONY JUKES - Getting your chromatic harmonica to 'sing' [VIDEO] [PRESENTATION] 

Saturday 30th May - Blues/diatonic

SAM WILKINSON - Exploring the high end of the harmonica [VIDEO] [PRESENTATION]

BEN BOUMAN - Blues in 3rd position & customising diatonic harmonicas [VIDEO]

Saturday 23rd May 2020 - blues/diatonic

SAM WILKINSON - Building improvised solos using only one hole (beginner/intermediate) [VIDEO] [PRESENTATION]


Saturday 16th May 2020

Blues for intermediate and advanced players

LEE SANKEY - [VIDEO] Timing skills 


Old-time/Zydeco/Bluegrass/jug-band for all players


Saturday 9th May 2020 - Chromatic and tremolo - for beginners and intermediate players

NEIL WARREN - Blues Chromatic for blues converts  [VIDEO]  [PRESENTATION]

SIMON JOY - Tremolo harmonica for beginners & Tremolo harmonica for intermediate/advanced players [VIDEO]

 Saturday 2nd May 2020 - Blues for beginners 

PAUL GILLINGS - Getting to know your harmonica [VIDEO]

SAM SPRANGER - Playing a 12-bar blues [VIDEO]