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Whether you've been playing the harmonica for a long time, or you've just picked one up, HarmonicaUK (formerly National Harmonica League) has something for you. We provide a forum for players, teachers, music therapists, collectors, harmonica repairers, manufacturers, and retailers. Membership starts from 20 GBP.

Although the focus is on UK, we do have members around the world. If you play Diatonic, Tremolo, Chromatic, Orchestral, Bass or Chord harmonicas, it's all about the harmonica so come and join us!


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We need your help! Which are your favourite pieces to play on diatonic, chromatic or tremolo harmonica? They don’t have to contain harmonica in the original recording. We are hoping to help create graded exam qualifications for the harmonica. Please complete the questionnaire.

Many thanks to the workshop leaders and players who attended last week's free Zoom HarmonicaUK Lockdown SessionUp next on Saturday June 6th for a chromatic harmonica session is Neil Warren (and possibly one other artist) - check back) See you there! The sessions are being recorded, and will be available to view after sessions.

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The latest edition of Harmonica World (Apr/May) is FREE for non-members! It includes details of the Birmingham Harmonica Festival planned for October, articles from Ed Hopwood (a strategy for practise), Jim Davies (trip to Germany & Ian Boyle (my harmonica journey). In addition, we hear from Eva Hurt, Tony Eyers, Bill Eborn, Norman Darwen and Phil Leiwy. There are also interviews, reviews and all the usual features. Enjoy!